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Call Conferencing Services

A bridge to Connect Multiple People for Business Communications
Establish business dialogue with multiple numbers.

Business communication is an important dialogue for steady information flow in an organization. Apart from messages and varied voice solutions, you can now also set up a conference platform to add various numbers on a conference calls for effective communication. Solutions infini provides a unique platform wherein you can embed call conferencing and call forwarding with other voice solutions and make your business dialogue more diverse. We provide scalable platform on which you can determine the numbers that will be indulged in conferencing. Moreover, you can also keep a track of the number of people who joined the conference and ignore or mute a number at the same time.

Amazing features and functions you will rely on

Security Key

You can ensure secure conferencing the members have to provide a security pin which is customizable from 4-6 digits.

Web Access

The person who initiates a conference will have a web access portal for standard monitoring of the conference calls.


Get reminders and notifications for scheduled conference calls and never miss out important meetings!

Call Recording

You can record conference calls for future reference and other varied purposes.

High Quality Audio

Experience high quality voice on conferencing platform with utmost clarity.

Local Dail-In Numbers

Select from a pool of local numbers for cost effective and hassle free conferencing.

Powerful Call Controls


You can mute a person or a number of people amidst a conference call from the widget.


You can ignore a person or a number of people during a conference call from the widget.


You can monitor the number of people who joined the conference and the numbers for which the conferencing is active.

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