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eMail Marketing Services

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Discover email delivery tools for business like yours. Create emails your subscribers will love and build the effective email marketing strategy with ease.

Email, Efficiency and Trees

CSG Technologies

Stand Out Templates

Our pre-designed template gallery will help save you time and effort without compromising your ability to communicate with your contacts and highlight your brand.

CSG Technologies

Easy to Use HTML Editor

We’ve got all the elements and features to enable you to build the emails you want to send. You can also code your own template in our simple HTML editor. Make your design ideas a reality with our easy to use tools.

CSG Technologies

Get Personal

Let your contacts know that you care. Use our merge tags to personalize all the emails you send. Dynamic content helps you grab the attention of your recipients and send mail they can’t wait to receive.

CSG Technologies

Reach People

We’ll keep working even when you can’t. By using autoresponders or deploying drip campaigns your contacts will always feel connected. Send welcome emails, confirmations, special offers and more without even lifting a finger.

CSG Technologies

Build Better Relationship

Knowing what your audience wants is a big part of a successful email marketing strategy. Thanks to our segmentation and easy list building tools you can create and send emails that are designed for individuals or groups within your existing lists.

CSG Technologies

Data You Need

Accurate data can help you make the best decisions for your business. View your delivery results with our beautiful visual representation of your statistics, and see them integrated seamlessly with your detailed email log. Download and share the information you need.

CSG Technologies

Test & Improve

Reach your engagement goals faster with our tools. With A/X testing, you can review several different versions of a template, including layouts, subject lines, and content. Use this feature to find out what works and what doesn’t quickly and easily.

CSG Technologies

API Documentation

Need to do more than just send email? We have an API for that! Fully integrate our email and contact tools into your website or application.

CSG Technologies

Integration Libraries

Check out our client libraries in various languages such as C#, PHP, JavaScript or Java and more to make integrating with our API a snap! Click the button below to see API integration examples submitted by users like you!

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