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Missed Calls Solutions

Discover opportunity to implement automated response with just a MISSED CALL
Implement smart age enrolment mechanism and prompt response to customers with a missed call.

Missed call services are key players in integrating customer database along with a variety of utilities including opt in & opt out services, survey polls and many more. This feature provides smart data collection from customers with ease of use as the customers carry no cost of the enrolment process. The prominent utility of missed call service is the speedy acquisition of customer details with a fully automated new age mechanism.

How it works : The customer is provided with a virtual number on which he can initiate a call. As soon as the customer calls, the call gets disconnected automatically and a SMS will be triggered with customized content to customer’s mobile number.

You Can Use Your MISSED CALL Solution To

Generate Leads & Enquiries

Give your customers ease of services as there is zero cost involved for customers to enrol themselves or get in touch.

Opinion Pols & Live Voting

Conduct live voting for market study and requirement analysis along with opinion polls for suggestions and modifications.

Customer Registration

Deploy easy customer registration via missed call services and enrol your customers for varied services and notifications.

Online Verification & Authentication

Carry out online verification by enabling customers give missed calls from registered numbers and authenticate by matching entries with database.

Build Clean Opt-In Lists & Avoiding Spam

Generate opt in records of customers to ensure zero spam registrations and save valuable time and resources.

Information Pulling

Enable free information pulling for your customers and provide them access to the info they need by just giving a missed call.

Missed Call solutions come with these Amazing Features

Attractive Web UI

Experience user friendly UI for interactive management of communication process and manage missed call data with ease.

Toll Free Number Integration

Integrate toll free numbers of your choice for customers and make them reach out to you with easy to remember contact points.

Integrated Analytics

Manage and track data and records for efficient study and analysis of campaign effectiveness and recognition of target areas.

Integrated Lead Management

Manage your leads extensively with automated mechanisms and detailed analytics on the go.

Developer APIs

Integrate your own platform with dynamic APIs and work with ease while our platform serves your communication needs.

Emails & SMS Notifications

Enable your customers to stay updated regarding new products, services and integrations via e-mails and SMS notifications round the clock.

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