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POS Solution

Success By Automating Following Elements Of Your Business

CSG Technologies brings success by automating following elements of your business

CSG Technologies

Increase Sales By 20-30%

Serve more customers in same time with fast billing counters Increase the number of customers through referral programs Increase the average sale with cross-sale, up-sale Increase the customer frequency (from once monthly to twice monthly).

CSG Technologies

Reduce Stock Holding Cost

Intelligent ordering system automatically calculates stock and order levels Increase your return on stock up to 12% Differentiating between inventory for seasonal and perennial sales Analysing fluctuation in sales for perennial goods month by month and arriving at OTB Downsize SKU's by effectively analysing stock movement patterns (Fast, Slow, Non moving).

CSG Technologies

Devoted Staff With High Efficiency

Quick train your staff with easy-to-use intuitive interface Effortless billing and accurate cash tally creates confidence in operators Effective sales incentive and commission programs Employee scheduling to distribute jobs evenly Integrated modules to wipe out job repetition Increases employee satisfaction, while keeping the administration time and costs low.

CSG Technologies

Loyal Customers Bring Repeat Business

Stay connected with your customers with effective use of loyalty program Integrated SMS and Email Loyalty points based referral program ensures that your current customers refers and brings new customer to your store Create promotions to attract customers during lean seasons Analyze their basket content and size and make correct assortment of fresh products.

CSG Technologies

Maximized Margin With Lower Investment

Analyzing fast moving and high profit contributing category, brand and SKU is the key for effective and regular flow of margin to business Define the time frame for re-ordering, returns of goods, sales & promotions, launches Extensive use BI tools (Forecasting, Ratio Analysis, Margin Mix) Eliminate product categories that are killing profits.

CSG Technologies

Reduce Expences By 20-40%

Analyzing petty expenses on routine basis Eliminate unnecessary routine purchases Make more use of automated operations with less human intervention Easily identify and streamline the areas for cost and purchase improvements Forensically examine the potential business expenditure, shortage and profit leaks Analytically reviewing sales by day and time.

CSG Technologies

Increased Space Productivity

Analyze per linear feet shelf space profitability for each category. Analyze the holding cost of inventory on a per square foot basis and lets you take on-time decisions. Analyze the profitability of each category based on holding cost reallocate space to arrive at optimum space productivity. Reallocation space as per derivatives from above analysis to arrive at optimum space productivity Creates a foundation for a successful and replicable model.

CSG Technologies

Happy Suppliers Offering Extended Credit

Establish better payment cycle with your suppliers by effectively using payable analysis. Setup an effective re-order that ensures timely replenishment. An established purchase pattern given to your suppliers also helps them to plan their supply chain management better. Efficiently negotiate special terms with suppliers based on sale, margin and stock patterns.

CSG Technologies

Powerful Administration That Brings Growth

Ready-to-use real-time reports on-the-move Powerful tools lets you build foundation for future Easily automate and streamline business processes to deliver best shopping experience to your customers Security that controls and moves your business even when you’re away from it. Robust system that shoulders your responsibility and scalable technology that shares your vision for growth and expansion.

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