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Virtual Interactive Voice Response

Implement an automated Interactive Response solution and communicate smartly!
Set up an IVR for your communication needs and ensure need specific guide for your customers!

Interactive voice response system has become a vital component of communication response for organizations worldwide. Implement unique voice response solutions for your business today and save valuable customer time by enabling them to reach out to correct team straight away! Adopt smart interactive trends and direct your customers based on their caller response. We offer diverse IVR solutions based on your requirements and handle automated greeting and response based directions for your customers. So get an effective automated interactive response system and handle your customer queries with ease.

Amazing Features and Functions You Will Rely on


Enhance your brand by presenting smart voice response system for your customers and build an image for systematic customer handling process.

Miss Call

Adding this widget to your call flow will end the call at this stage. You can choose to initiate an outgoing call back to the customer and add in other widget options.


Adding this widget to the call flow will provide a menu with options for the caller. Each option on the menu can be customized and can each have a unique key press.


The Play widget will play a pre-recorded IVR of your choice at that particular stage of the call. You can use record various IVRs and use them according to your convenience.


The Dial widget will dial a pre-assigned number, to which the call will be forwarded to at that stage. You can assign numbers and select from them to call from dial widget.


The Timing widget lets you set the time during which you can receive calls or carry out other call-related operations. Other widgets can also be deployed during these operations.


The SMS widget sends out an SMS to a predefined number in the IVR flow. You can assign numbers to IVR flow and choose among them for sending messages.


The Mail widget enables you to send an email with your desired content to an email address of your choice. You will have to enter the email address to which the emails have to be sent.


The Script widget will play a prerecorded script while it triggers an API or a URL in the background. Once the API or URL is triggered, you can choose to add a few more widgets as a response for your caller.


The Record widget records the entire conversation from the stage from which it is activated. You can include a menu for your caller to use depending on which your calls can be recorded.


The Conference widget enables you to start a conference call from the stage where the widget is active. You can choose which numbers are to be dialed for the conference call.

Date & Time

The Date & Time widget lets you set the time during which you can receive calls or carry out other call-related operations.

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